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Hear Our Prayer

Hear Our Prayer
15 original hymns
2020 year released
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1. I Can Do All Things
2. How Has He Called You To Serve
3. Obedience
4. I’m Just Ready Lord
5. No Heartache No Sorrow No Tears
6. Jesus is Still Saving Souls
7. One
8. Hear Our Prayer
9. All Of Us
10. I’ll Be In Heaven
11. Use Me Lord
12. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (John 14:1-6)
13. All Scripture Is Breathed By God
14. I Want To Go To Heaven
15. May God Be Glorified

Speak Where The Bible Speaks

Speak Where The Bible Speaks
15 original hymns
2020 year released
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1. Speak Where the Bible Speaks
2. Jesus All Day
3. Abiding in the Doctrine of Christ
4. Be Still and Know
5. Seven Times Seventy
6. Father Forgive, Father Forgive
7. Perfectly Joined Together
8. We Thank You
9. The First Day of the Week
10. Added by the Lord
11. Do What Jesus Said
12. Jesus is Coming as Close as the Clouds
13. The Church of Christ is the Church of Christ
14. All Praise to You
15. You Will Make a Choice Today

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