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Walk Beside Me, LORD
1. Walk Beside Me, LORD Paul Mays
Glorify Your God
2. Glorify Your God Paul Mays
Comfort Me
3. Comfort Me Paul Mays
If You Love Me
4. If You Love Me Paul Mays
Be Like Joshua
5. Be Like Joshua Paul Mays
He Died For Me
6. He Died For Me Paul Mays
Jesus All Day
7. Jesus All Day Paul Mays
Jesus, The Great I Am
8. Jesus, The Great I Am Paul Mays
All of Us
9. All of Us Paul Mays
Our God Is With Us
10. Our God Is With Us Paul Mays
For Me
11. For Me Paul Mays
The Beatitudes
12. The Beatitudes Paul Mays
Hallelujah, I've Been Set Free
13. Hallelujah, I've Been Set Free Paul Mays
John 6:44-45
14. John 6:44-45 Paul Mays
Be An Encourager
15. Be An Encourager Paul Mays